Sudo is a Not-for-Profit based in Kingston with the mission to create a community where women can learn to code together.

Let's get coding.

About Sudo


(/'suːduː/ or /'suːdoʊ/) A powerful Linux command allowing users super user access to install, update, and access files on a server.

Much like the command, the community of Sudo has a mission to create sudoers out of the women of Kingston, allowing them to install new technical skills, update any existing skills, and access a community built to empower.

Through hosting monthly meet-ups and workshops, Sudo strives to build an energetic and welcoming community of programmers to support women in improving their technical skills. We believe programming is a skill everyone should have, and it's our mission to offer and encourage the women of Kingston to learning these skills.

Join in on the experience

Come and see what it's all about. Make a friend or four along the way.

Questions & Answers

Questions still unanswered? Get in touch!

Is the community limited to women?

Our events are primarily targeted for women, but everyone is welcome to join!

Is there an entry cost for the workshops?

Nope! Sudo only offers free coding workshops. We will always be 100% free of charge.

Is any programming experience required?

The majority of our workshops are tailored to beginners with no programming background, though experience may be beneficial for select workshops. See our workshops page for more details.

Do I need to bring my own laptop to events?

We recommend bringing a charged laptop in preparation for the event. For those without a laptop, please reach out to prior to the event.

You had us at "Hello World"

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python - discover which languages speak to you.



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